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Secure Shredding

Disposing of your old computer equipment and data holding devices via a non-secure means can pose a significant risk to the security of your business. Even after being wiped and seemingly destroyed with a hammer, confidential information contained on your hard drive or data devices may still be accessible.

At Galaxy , we are totally committed to disposing of all your IT equipment and data holding media in a safe, secure, confidential and eco-friendly way. Our service is available for a single media item or for several thousand items as we are able to shred up to 2,000 media items per day either in your office or in one of our bespoke vehicles.

In addition, an onsite degaussing service is available on request, where we use a state of the art Degausser to destroy data held on magnetic data storage.

The Galaxy 5 point secure destruction and recycling process

  1. We check all equipment and count items – removing any hard drives or media items for destruction and removing corporate asset tag information.
  2. We record the serial numbers and asset tags of all equipment, and serial numbers of hard drives or media.
  3. We then shred the media, which you can observe if you wish; either on your business premises or in one of our mobile destruction vehicles. The media is shredded beyond any possibility of forensic reconstruction or recovery.
  4. We then issue an end of life destruction certificates, which provides you with a clear audit trail.
  5. Finally, we recycle all equipment and shredded media through a registered WEEE* recycler, thereby protecting our island environment and recovering valuable resources.


* The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive requires that at least 75% of raw materials be recovered. We, however, have a ‘zero to landfill’ policy and recover 100%.

contact us to discuss further

Hardware Recycling

Galaxy is the only IT specialised recycling company in the Channel Islands and is able to offer a complete WEEE* compliant disposal option on all redundant IT hardware.

From the removal and recycling of screens, PCs, printers, switches, servers and telecom equipment, we provide full end of audit documentation itemising details such as item, make and model along with serial number and, if applicable, asset tag number in our end of collection certification.

We will quote for disposal from your inventory. Some hardware may have residual value.

Once you accept our proposal, we will visit your premises to remove the equipment for recycling. All items will first be inspected for your company asset tags and remaining data holding devices (some photocopiers have memory installed). All equipment will be listed and serial numbers will be recorded by bar code reader. All confidential data will be removed and destroyed at this stage.

Equipment will then be transported to our warehouse where tags and hard disk drives will be removed before the hardware is sent to the Guernsey’s prison. We have a contract with the Prison, whereby inmates are trained to disassemble the equipment and segregate all components, and earn privileges for the work they do.

Galaxy Computers has a ‘Zero to Landfill’ policy so every part will be either recycled or reused. On completion we will issue certificates of destruction and recycling, which provides Clients with a secure destruction and disposal audit trail.

At all times we undertake to maintain your anonymity and our work for you remains confidential.

contact us to discuss further

Purchase Supply and Maintenance

The team at Galaxy have over 23 years’ experience buying and selling all hardware platforms and equipment types. Whilst we are specialists in IBM, SUN and Cisco equipment, we have the knowledge and ability to fulfill any hardware requirements that you may have.


We will be happy to come and inspect your redundant IT equipment to see if it has any residual value. We have many contacts within the industry and can usually find the best price for any valuable equipment.

We purchase all surplus computer equipment based in the Channel Islands including Intel based servers; Dell, HP and IBM midrange and mainframe servers; Sun servers; Cisco networking switches; and storage solutions from all of the major manufacturers. Furthermore, we will arrange to come and collect the equipment from you. This not only gives you a monetary return on your redundant hardware but also clears valuable space in your offices.


In addition, we are now also able to provide you with a competitive quote for the purchase of new servers, computers, printers and other IT equipment. We will supply and install these locally and ensure that your warranty guarantees a local engineer will be available should any issues arise.

We also rent servers and networking equipment to companies on both a long-term and a short-term basis which can prove invaluable if you are in the process of switching systems.

Please give us a call and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your requirements in detail. We will then be able to quote you for the equipment best suited to your needs.


If you’re running server equipment in one of the Guernsey data centres then Galaxy can provide a maintenance service package to hold stock of your parts here at our warehouse.

Our Maintenance Service provides you with:

  • 4 hour response to site
  • Part storage / Call off
  • Sun, HP, Delland IBM all maintanined

contact us to discuss further

Hints and Tips

  • Keep the Channel Islands Green, recycle where you can.
  • Recycle IT equipment as it is full of harmful materials.
  • Galaxy destroys all data-carriers (HDD, Tapes, CDs etc.) and then recycles the remains.
  • Do not throw computers into a skip, call us instead.
  • Be aware of data theft when disposing of IT equipment.
  • Use a ISO accredited company when disposing of IT equipment.
  • Make sure your data is erased or destroyed to ISO standards.
  • Keep costs down by reusing IT equipment for as long as possible.
  • In Guernsey? Consider signing up for the Keep Guernsey Green award.
  • Galaxy recycles used toner cartridges, keep them out of landfill.
  • Reuse and reuse, extends the items life span = better for the environment.

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