Galaxy CI Service Evolution

Galaxy CI has always been known for its outstanding Customer Service and professionalism. We have been providing secure and certified IT disposal services in the Channel Islands for over 20 years. Imagine then, if that same great service was applied to other IT services! Well that day, is today. Galaxy CI is proud to announce the creation of its new Service arm.

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Benefical partnerships

Galaxy is able to take the pain out of buying hardware. Through our close partnerships with UK and European distributors, Galaxy is able to offer virtually any piece of hardware.

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Tailored Service

Galaxy are able to offer its customers a tailored service. From Lifecycle Management, Project plans and implementation schedules to single installs and office moves.

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All aspects of IT

Galaxy are able to offer multiple Service Levels and support for all aspects of IT. With offices in both Jersey and Guernsey we are able to provide support in both islands.

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Premier Supplier

For a number of years, Galaxy has been the premier supplier of secure disposal services. We are the only Channel Islands ISO certified secure disposal specialists.

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