17 October 2018
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Basic cybersecurity issues remain biggest threat to businesses

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of successful cyberattacks on businesses are due to forgetting to address basic cybersecurity issues. Often when people think of cyberattacks, […]
2 March 2018
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Destroy and Recycle

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes two caveats regarding the disposal of personal data. The first is Principle 5; which states that businesses should only […]
19 February 2018
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GRG Support La Societe Guernesias

The Guernsey Recycling Group are supporting La Societe Guernesias in a series of beach cleans across the island. The two organisations are working together to raise […]
5 February 2018
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The Benefits of Mobility Working

This is the way we have always done it! Sound familiar? It probably will, and the reason why is simple – People get used to current […]
31 January 2018
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Is Your Business Ready For GDPR?

Three sustainability tasks to put on your GDPR to do list: 1. Review the design of physical data and data storage systems. Sustainable and efficient design […]
29 January 2018
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Keep Guernsey Green!

Galaxy’s commitment to help the local enviroment has been recognised once again, with our team being awarded the Keep Guernsey Green Award. We have succesfully held […]
26 January 2018
Blog & News Galaxy CI

Why an ITAD Plan?

It’s hard to imagine the world now without computer equipment. From the boom of the 1980’s and over the 20 years that followed, the electronic revolution […]
Blog & News Galaxy CI

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